MIRING Validator for HML

Version 1.1.5

Paste some XML, compliant with HML Version that corresponds to your HML into the HML field and hit [ VALIDATE ].

Or, use the [ BROWSE ] button find an HML document on your computer.

A MIRING Results Report will appear below.

HML Input

MIRING Results


Passed XML Schema Validation for HML 1.0

NOT HML Compliant

MIRING Compliant, with warnings

MIRING Compliant

NOT MIRING Compliant

Use the MIRING Validator in your own application:

The MIRING HML Validator is a REST service, available to the public, hosted at miring.b12x.org/validator/ValidateMiring/

You can use this service programmatically using a POST request, with a single form parameter, "xml", containing the HML text.

Try this example using cURL:

$ curl -X POST --data-urlencode 'xml[]=<hml>...</hml>' https://miring.b12x.org/validator/ValidateMiring/

Validator source is on GITHUB

More information on MIRING, HML, and validation

Miring Validator Version 1.1.5